The API Call urlfetch.Fetch() was explicitly cancelled

I changed computers from one with Windows on it to one with Ubuntu and the same problem persists.

How are you calling fetch() in your app ?

I have no idea, I just have blocks, none of them say fetch...

Someone here probably needs to take a look at your aia project.

whatever helps is ok for me, I don't want to start again. hehe...

Okay enough for you to upload your .aia file?

Hi, I cannot download it, when I click on save to my computer, nothing happens, no message no nothing.

Is there another way I can download it???

I restarted my computer, reopened my project and tried to build again, this is the error I'm getting
Build failed! Reflecting exception for userid b1aaaf07-3108-4626-a35c-f013465ae706 projectId 6345600376111104, original exception java.lang.RuntimeException:$1@33c14581: Unexpected cause of ExecutionException

My app does not weight more that 15 Mb, this is a snapshot of the last time I could download the aia file and the APK before doing changes today.

OK, if you can't post your AIA:

  • Name all extensions that are used in your project.

  • Name the amount of assets you have, and their total sum of size.

  • Name the amount of screens you have.

  • Name the amount of blocks you have.

HI, I'm not using extensions.
The assets I have weight a little over 9Mb, but I have 400 images 150 px by 150 px in size, and other 400 images that range between 40 px 140 px width but the height is 40 px, this is because I cannot write text with special accents and underlined, so I captured small images. And I have 400 audio files that range from half a second to 1.5 seconds.
I have 10 screens and 20 Vertical Arrangements.
the blocks I have are close to 500.

Maybe I need to split the app in two parts, it shows a word in Spanish, under it an image of that word, and under that image it displays how it is written in Chichimeca Jonaz, when you click on the word image it reproduces the pronounciation.

upload aia and not apk

I understand that, but the project is not saved, nothing happens, the build throws the error I'm reporting, and when I click on the option to save tha aia project to my computer nothing happens, no error, no warning, no saving, it is just not working...

well from the back up file of kenguwa(6).aia or kenguwa(7).aia possible to upload? you need to upload it in google drive and make it sharable inorder to access it. MIT will not accept that much size attachment

The problem is that those versions work well, what is not working ok is with the new changes, I need help with the finished app, not the previous files...

Perhaps we should focus on that. What were the new changes that you made?

Also, not sure why you cannot display underlined text or accented characters - as text?

Sounds like you have "too much of something" in your project....

so sad then.. without checking your aia i hope it is hard to find out the error. as it is not generating apk and aia

Like this text (Susé') I need the 'e' in bold to be underlined, I didn't find a way to make it in a label or in a textbox, so I decided to take a snapshot of the words and add them to the layout instead of a plain text word.


How about using a Label with the HTML attribute turned on, and a bit of html markup?

That would eliminate those pictures.

Here's how to load files at first run:

That would allow you to delete files from your Media folder, in case they are killing your export.

Also, go through your component names and check for short names that might be misinterpreted as keywords in nb191, like 'back'. Rename them to lengthen them, like 'btnBack'.

these are a lot of files...
usually you get a DX exection failed error for "too much of something"
you could follow this guide