The aiStarter helper does not appear to be running!

Hi everyone

I am new in App Inventor

I have this problem when i wanna connect the Emulator



And i have the Ai Starter Open:


Why is this happening?

You might have extra copies running of adb.exe or aistarter.exe

Start Task Manager and kill all those, then try again.

No, i just have only 1 running airstarte.exe


Notice that (3) after the aistarter.exe?
That means it has 3 subtasks.
What do you see if you click on the > at the left?


I probably shouldn't be trying to help on this, considering all my emulators have crumbled in my hands on my desktop and laptop.

What I do is use my Android phone's camera and the AI2 Companion app to connect via the Project bar code that gets displayed via the AI2 Connect->AI Companion control.
Screenshot 2022-04-17 201127

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