Text Typewriter View

Hello guys, I am here with a simple but useful extension


It shows text as a typing effect in an arrangement



com.TypeWriter.aix (10.9 KB)

I will add font bold, italic and custom .ttf options

It is showing a story as a demo

Thanks to @kangris and @Sneha_Sharma for their help


Which view components does it accept? Arrangement, Label, Textbox ?

Arrangements :slightly_smiling_face:

Demo Video is out :wink: make sure to have a look

cool extension keep it up!!

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It would be helpful if the text size, color ... could be adjusted.

I get the following error on Android 9:

I will do

WIll have a look mam

Note : This extension may not work on builders that are still using Android Support libraries (Like Kodular), because my extension works on


And for @Anke's request, I am glad to say not only text size, color, can be adjusted but, filters, typeface is also customizable

Ref :


Cool extension will be better after these updates


Ingenious, but this can be achieved easily with just blocks.


The android Library used in this extension :

(This is customized fork of an android lib)

Extension sources :

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But with this extension it can be achieved using 1 block... :relaxed:

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If someone bans on making an app with a few blocks, then yes. For me it does not matter if a function takes 1 or 20 blocks.
But the fact is, if someone has a problem with coding in ai2, it might help.

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You are right but this extension may be helpful for the new users or who are beginners or do not want to code the blocks

If they do not want to code the blocks they shouldn't start using App Inventor :wink:


Also it is benefitial for large scale project :relaxed: :grin:

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Sorry to make this comment but - have you ever used a typewriter? The paper should start at the bottom of the screen and feed upwards for each new line of text.

See my website for a block code snippet download:

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No problem, you just want to improve me :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry for the mistake but, my library had this effect only