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Hello friends. There was a problem with Excel data exporting because it exports text information but I need it to be numbers. How to change the text to numbers in the program

You are not clear if the "numbers" are being exported by Excel, or imported from App Inventor to Excel.

Either way you will have to use a csv. From an app if you use the maths blocks, the numbers will not be given double quotes in the csv. If importing data from an Excel csv to an app, and the numbers are strings, App Inventor will work with them as numbers.

If this doesn't answer your question, please provide more details about your particular issue.

I note your image shows a google sheet, which I assume has been converted from an Excel file ? (you can use a google apps script to set the number format for columns that have numbers as strings.)

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When I try to export data from MIT App to Google, it is exported to Google as text, and I need it to be exported to Google as numbers.

How are you exporting data from the app to google sheets ?

Try removing the uriEncode block from the textboxes with numbers in them.

How can you tell in more detail? thanks in advance


it does not change anything. shows the same problem

OK, from what I can see the locale of your spreadsheet is using the comma: , as the decimal point: .

AppInventor uses the decimal point: . as the decimal point.

You may need to convert your decimal number in App Inventor to match your spreadsheet locale.

You can do it like this:


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Thanks brother. I have been suffering from this problem since the morning.

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Does this fix it ?

What is your spreadsheet locale ?

yes, everything worked fine:
(What is your spreadsheet locale ?) I did not understand this part



in Russian

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