Text and Label Issues on the v 2.64.6 Companion

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I have detected the follow issues:

a) If you put in this order the Label blocks:
1st. a Colour on a Label
2on. a Text on this Label
It not runs the colour. Only runs well if you put 1st a Text and 2on a Colour.

b) If you put on a TextBOX a Text and after a Colour you will lost the Text. Only runs well if you put before the Colour and after the Text. But the colour has not effect also.

c) If you put on a TextBox a Hint after the Text you will lost the Text and the Hint is the Text. Only runs well if you put before the Hint and after the Text. I think there is a match or mix beetween Hint and Text on the TextBoxes because the colour of the text shows like as the color of the hints.

It seems to walk on a minefield.

Unclear, at least for me. Post a test aia.

My aia has a lot of blocks. Sorry.

I said a test aia.

The event Get Focus in a TextBox also does not runs. The Got Focus yes.

What's about point a) ?

Attached the aia with the issues detected:

I only have visible the label and text with the misatkes to can better shoyw you the mistakes.

TestLabelTextProblems.aia (425.6 KB)

Sorry, but what's the problem, creating a simple test aia with 1 label and 2 text boxes and showing the problems there.

This aia has a few blocks. Whats the problem to test here and verify the mistakes?
With a bit design layouts there are not problems. But when you have more complex designs on the screen there are problems.

I report the mistakes and workarounds to help when somebody have designs not simples.

I detect the problem in the TextBox. The issues was generated by the TextBox not run in iOS with Multiline=True. I put all the TextBoxes with Multiline=False and all the problems for the TextBox are solved .

The question is, do the problems mentioned arise in general or only with more complex layouts? To get to the bottom of this, one should start at the bottom (i.e. with simple layouts). So again, what is the problem with posting a simple test aia?

Very simple. As in this case: Not putting exactly the detected problem. The reason is that simple.

The problem in this case is simply that the iOS TextBox not runs with Multiline. Not have a direct error but runs bad and does strange things as I have reported. In my case not runs with Multiline. I have changed all teh txt box to Multiline = False and all the text box run as we hope.

For me is a problem to know when is complex or easy design. I thing it depends of the app procedures. How many layouts is the limit?

As soon as a text box is set to multiline (regardless of whether in the designer or via blocks) and the text of the text box is set in the designer or via blocks, a subsequent color change results in the hint text being displayed (and in its standard color " light gray") although the text color still returns "blue" (Do it result).

textbox.aia (2.8 KB)

Only when text has been entered manually using the keyboard (which, by the way, is the purpose of a text box) does everything work without any problems.

Tested only with Companion.

The problem ii my case happens when you put an adittional Hint text (not only Text)


"Pista" means "Hint" in spanish.

See also here.

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