Testing the next release of MIT App Inventor (nb184)

Hello everyone,

We are working toward the next release of App Inventor. ai2-test has been updated. This is a components release and will come with a new companion, which you can download from the test server (under Help > Companion Information). Some highlights in this release include:

  • Apps now target Android 10.0 (SDK 29), required for submitting apps to Google Play starting August 1
  • Copy and paste support in the design view
  • App size increased to 30 MB
  • Drag and drop projects into App Inventor (includes dragging links to AIAs posted in this community)
  • Exported block PNGs are created at 144 dpi for higher quality images
  • Components can be used as keys in dictionaries

For full release notes that you can comment on, please see this Google Doc:

A special thanks to all of our open source participants who have contributed features and patches in this release.

Evan W. Patton, Ph.D.
On behalf of the MIT App Inventor team


Note to folks with Chromebooks who want to test. There is a link in the release notes that lets you sign up for the Beta version of the MIT AI2 Companion. Once you sign up your devices will automatically update to the Beta release. The Beta companion should work just fine with ai2 (our production service) as well as ai2 test.



@ewpatton I am new to beta testing so please correct me if I am wrong. I don't see the different API levels in the build menu anymore. I know you guys are trying to switch to API level 10, but are the others still going to be there?

@ewpatton was talking about the target API level, not the minimum API level...
so the answer is yes...

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@Taifun so why isn't the options there in the beta? Are they going to come in the final version?

There is no mention of including "options" in the release notes.

The minimum supported version is 1.6 (donut, API level 4)

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I am so sorry guys. I didn't know The API levels options aren't in appinventor. Sorry I used to be using thunkable.

I broke the mutator for the OR block.
See video

and exported .aia file Hamlet.aia (1.1 KB)

On further thought, the extra logic to force the user to have at least 2 sockets to an OR block is not only a burden, but also avoidable.
The text JOIN block and the MAKE A LIST blocks gracefully allow all their sockets to be removed, and respond logically at run time.

  • JOIN devolves into an empty string at 0 sockets.
  • MAKE A List devolves into a CREATE EMPTY LIST block at 0 sockets.
  • OR(x) should be legal, and evaluate as x.
  • OR() should also be legal, and evaluate as FALSE. (The identity value for OR(FALSE,x)=x)
  • AND(x) should also be legal, and evaluate as x.
  • AND() should be legal and evaluate as TRUE. (The identity value for AND(TRUE,x) = x)
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Following on from ABG's findings, I note that removing the elements from the following gives:

MATHS+ devolves to 0 with 0 sockets
MATHSx devolves to 1 with 0 sockets

[edited to match ABG's syntax]

Indeed, 0 is the identity value for the + operator, and 1 is the identity value for the multiplication operator.
(There is probably a math term other than "Identity value', but I can't remember it.)

P.S. Change those > to ==> so they don't look like GREATER THAN operators.

While I agree with the technicalities here, I don't think it's really all that helpful in a language that's aiming to be approachable to non-programmers. For example, can you tell me which blocks these are?


My reasoning for preventing being able to reduce the number of inputs below two is to prevent these types of ambiguities. I've added this to our agenda for our staff meeting today (we can always relax the restriction at a later time).

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I personally found the discovery that I could remove inputs to math operations a pleasant surprise, like the discovery of zero across domains.
It tickled my math funny bone.

Why deprive students of that fun?

(Further thoughts, probably too late for your staff meeting ...)

Breaking things is a great way to learn.:

  • Breaking atoms
  • Breaking atomic nucleii
  • Breaking protons
  • Breaking speed limits, sound and light
  • Breaking the bounds between light and matter

I vote for breakable.

What about the background image resolution scailing? was that sorted lately?

Those are blocks that fell into a Black Hole

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There are two blue ones, then two more blue ones with holes in.....

Hello everyone,

ai2-test has been updated with some additional changes:

  • Features:
    • Component names ending in numbers sort sanely in block dropdowns, e.g., Button1 … Button2 ... Button10 … Button20
    • Add support for services and content providers in extensions (thanks @Shreyash)
  • Bug fixes:
    • Prevent deactivate gallery URLs from opening
    • Fix an issue where blocks editor stops page from responding to touch on mobile
    • Prevent scroll jumping when selecting components/media
    • Fix an issue that crashed the companion on Android 4.x
    • Fix an issue that prevented apps from being deleted from trash if they had been previously published to the gallery

confirmed okay

Confirmed okay

Great! I actually couldn't delete my app because of this problem... Good thing it's fixed!

May I know from when nb184 is going to be live ? We are almost nearing august. In the "About App Inventor" it still shows nb183c.