Taifuns Zip extension gives wrong directory when unzipping

Hello Taifun,

I found the following link:


Can you please make the extension workable for subdirectories in ASD?

Also you can see:


thank you for your message
meanwhile please use the workaround provided by @Anke


Thank you Taifun.

Do you mean the "KIO4_Terminal1" commandLine?


Yes exactly...
and probably @Anke will provide an aia file and/or screenshot of the relevant blocks...


That would be awesome.


I found a solution for unpacking the folder using the KIO4 Terminal.

The 1st block deletes the entire directory, the 2nd block unpacks the zip file.

I still have one question: Can there be a time problem when deleting and then unpacking immediately afterwards?
Is there a timer or command to make the app wait a few seconds before processing the 2nd block?


Please be careful with rm -rf you can do a lot of damage !

Use the clock timer to generate a space in time between running commands (run 1st command, call clock timer, run 2nd command in clock timer event block)

Thank you TimAI2 for your tip.

Do you mean it like this:

I think 2 seconds should be enough.


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Alternatively, given you get a response back from the terminal command:

(assumes it works :wink: )


Works too, I'll take your 2nd tip (response).


BTW, here are my commands for zipping & unzipping (here):


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