Taifun Email Extension Upgrade

How do I upgrade to the latest version of the extension ?

Taifun Email Extension

assuming you have already paid for it, Taifun will have previously provided you with a link to the extension directory on google drive. Go back there to get the latest version. Download it, and then import the latest version of the extension to your project.

I did a search for "Taifun Email Extension" and found a relevant result that said it was locked and no longer accepting new replies.
I also checked the extension page for info on upgrades for new versions but nothing on there available.

My version is 1c as of 2017-02-14
I dont have archived mail going back that far

Then contact Taifun to confirm your previous purchase.

I followed the direction on his page to ask within the community, but ok i'll email him.

I just sent you the download link again
for further questions about payments, please contact me directly