TinyDb ClearAll issue

Hi there, i have a question. I am having 2 screen. 1st screen is where i key in the value and store the data into TinyDb. 2nd screen is where i view the value using tableview extension by ken. In screen 2 i have a reset button to call TinyDb.ClearAll. However, everytime i press the reset button, the data in page 2 reset, but when i back to page 1 and key in the value again, and page 2 will shows the previous data with the new one added in. So, how do i solve this? Thanks

How did you ensure that it worked as expected. On page 2, did you check that all data in tinydb related to defined namespace is cleared/erased.

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Once i press the reset button on screen 2, and go back to screen 1, and then go back to screen 2 again the data already reset in page 2. However, if i key in new data in page 1 , now the page 2 will show the previous data together with the newly added data.

Would be great if you can share only the blocks which are concerned to tinydb, how you are adding and clearing data from it. It seems to be data is not being erased the way it is to be. Because, TinyDB is shared data space, despite, from what screen you are updating it.