Switching screens to add items

Sorry I don't have any.

Not even that.


thank you i am going to email you..

Try them, you will need one list picker, two buttons and a textbox.

I also recommend you do not add another screen but instead toggle between their visibility

use PM instead


Hello, I have not made the REDDIT part but I have made the list part. You can edit items, add them and remove them. I hope you can do the rest.

Project.aia (7.2 KB)

i was tested positive for covid 19 so i was unable to take the class and i go through different materials but couldnt enhance my skills so i seeked help with you. Thank you for this help. i am so grateful to you..

hello Mayank_Kumar brother, i cant do that part, how can i do that reddit part. Please help me . i have to submit by today evening

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@shishir_kafle, reading your posts i understand that your app is part of a project/competition. Now we helped you in some part of it. If someone else makes the whole app for you, how will it be fair?

No, it is not any part of competition. this is my assignment. I was unable to attend my classes coz i was covid patient. so i want help with you guys here.
after all this is the place where we seek help. so i want your help. you can assist me with how can we use api and how can we use api to read data in our apps.

I don't know how to use API. But you can simply use activity starter to follow links. And get them opened on the browser so, what happens is that you make a list of lists and display only the first item in the lists which are inside the main list which will be your post name and then the second item shall be the link. Which means when the user selects any post the the post, the link is opened either using "Activity Starter Component" in a browser or using the "Webview Component" in the app itself.

Thank you brother for this information..

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Search on google for how to use activity starter to follow links if you don't know.

yeah ok ..

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How can we use JSON Api to read data into our apps

Lots of samples at

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