Switching between 2 screen

Hey developers I am working on a application which suppose have 2 screen and i just want to switch between those screen but the fact is i dont want to close any of the screen and its like when i click on screen2 it will open screen2 but if i open screen1 then without closing screen2 or opening screen1 it will resume to screen1 and if i again click on screen2 then it will go back to screen2 and resume it so is it possible?

I know i can use arrangements but it contains many blocks with same name and also due to background process ans ui updates I can't do it ...

If I remember correctly, you can do it for screen1 but not for screen2 (which will initialise because you have to close it to return to screen1)

Better off using arrangements on Screen1 for this, and many other good reasons.

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Ohkk well i guess i only have one choice then thanks for your help :heavy_heart_exclamation:

You could try saving the state of each screen, and restore this state on initialisation...

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Why? What is the advantage / benefit of this?

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Maybe he don't want to load the screen multiple time. I am not sure it's possible or not.

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Well to be honest i have created an extension to download file and it use thread to download file on background but the issue is once download is started and i close the screen and open it again it is not able to update the UI :no_mouth: thats the main issue and i cant use arrangement because it just make too many blocks on 1 screen and makes it messed up

What exactly are the process steps and what is the purpose of the procedure?
And how long do the downloads take (how big are the files?

The purpose is to download the file in an advanced way this downloader user can stop and resume the download anytime means even if he resumes the download after 1 year it will resume and also it provides some other features too like net limit etc and downloading file depends on the user, User can download any file he just has to provide a link and then download begin and I am showing the downloading process on that screen where everything is perfect except this issue due to which I have to stuck user on one screen and he can't go anywhere which is annoying

I don't understand. If the download can continue even after 1 year, how should that be possible? The user would then have to leave the app open in the background for 1 year. :woman_shrugging: Should the app be closed, the screen (whichever it may be) would be reinitialized (after reopening the app).

Is there a link to your extension (or can you post it here)?

A multi-screen merge is manageable, with the aid of a few tools:

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Oki, I will try thanks really :heart:

Maybe someone would be so kind as to enlighten an unsuspecting old woman on how this solves the download problem.

huh ?? I don't get what you are saying it just will shift the download screen to 1 and I can switch between arrangements, I know I can do it before, but there are soo many blocks to copy and paste and that's why this will do a job :+1:

Ok, I understand that now there are only virtual screens (instead of physical like before). But how - and with which extension - can a download continue after 1 year? So please show the blocks.

It is created by me tho but if you want I will publish it very soon here ...

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