Swipe detection

I'm looking for a way to detect a swipe movement across the screen (just vertical will do). The purpose is to trigger a call to a function which will refresh the data coming from an Arduino device.
I tried several extensions, but none of them work.

Some of those are supposed to detect a swipe, others only a tap or long tap. But nope, no luck.
Since my Vertical Arrangement components are stuffed top to bottom with tables, labels (empty, just to get the table in the right spot), and other goodies, it might be that the touch is consumed by those components and never bubbles up to the containing VA?
My current work-around is to include a small canvas which I use to detect fling or drag movements, but that's not very UI-friendly.
Any suggestions? I'm neither a java nor an Android expert, so creating my own extension is a bridge too far for me.

Try this extension:

I used to test and work on labels and other components that do not listen to the touch. If you have components that are listening for touch, such as buttons or text boxes, then this won't work.

Is that really a suitable method? What is wrong with using a Button?

Some of the Lay-outs are crowded and require scrolling. I'd like to keep the surface simple. And swiping mimicks what one does to refresh a web page. KISS :wink:

Does the job. Thank you. I noticed that gestures on text boxes are not captured by this extension, but that's OK.

The text field is touchable so it won't work. Touching a text field sets the focus of that field. It also won't work on a scrolled arrangement.