Stream from ESP32-Cam

I want to make an application to stream from esp32-cam to a smart phone and control a rc robot car from the app

Hello Abdo

Sounds like an exciting project. App Inventor is good to go - how about you? Do you have experience in programming with App Inventor?

I have some links on my website that will help with the esp32 and the cam. Note, it's very important to purchase a cam that has a good sized memory in order to stream. WiFi/Bluetooth Mini Microcontroller

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Thanx for the links and no i don't have any experience in app innovator but i will try to learn it,
Can i use a memory card on the esp32-cam instead of using another cam and thanx again.

Many of them take an SD/TF card, but that is essentially for storage, it doesn't help streaming speed. Edit: compared to a memory chip.

This is a handy reference:

The HW-818 ESP32 has 4MB external ram, OV2640 cam, BLE (Bluetooth) and USB (very useful for programming the board). However, they retail at about £12 :open_mouth:

I am assigning your forum post to my colleague Juan Antonio, he is an expert.

I haven't used the card @ChrisWard mentions, but it looks good since it doesn't need FTDI type adapter.

I will update and mention this card in the tutorial:

Here a similar project: