Storing files in device

I want to store files in device storage
Files like images videos and etc not text files can anyone help me how to do that

Do you want to store them as app assets in your project?
How many mb will your files use?
How do you want to store them? Where will they come from ?
When do you want to store these files?
Where on the device do you want to store them? Who will need access?
What will you do with them once you have stored them?
Which version android are you working with?

files will be normal size photographs
They will come from image gallery imported by user
In device i want to store them in private storage allocated to app
Access will be only to app
I want to view the files occasionally
Android 10/11

On the device ?
Will the user just import images/media from anywhere using other apps?

User can import media from device images app

How will i see image after storing it in device
I want user to give custom name to the image that is saving

I don't want picture to be saved as i chose it i want to make button to save it
Ps: how can i save more then 10 pictures i know mit app inventor will delete files accordingly after 10 files to save space

Result is

Why this is isnt as textbox text

Than do it.

No, you can save as many pictures as you want.

See blocks

It isnt storing more then 10 pictures it is automatically deleting previous ones

the files which I see in android/data/....../pictures are of name picked...... Which automatically created when i pick a image
Where are the files foing which i am saving via button

No, but you need to give each picture a new name or add (1, 2, 3, ...)
myPic_1.jpg, myPic_2.jpg, ...

What changes should i do in my blocks

I think I explained everything exactly, so try something yourself ...

Please :pleading_face::pleading_face: i need more help

Ok, here you go:
image_picker.aia (35.5 KB)


Have you adjusted / changed something?
Which Android version, Companion or APK?
For me it works on my test devices (with my aia).

Not changed anything
Android 10

Show the picture / path that you are trying to pick (open).