Store input Checklist Checked/Unchecked and Textbox in mobile app

Hi everyone!
I need help to know if validation of my application is possible. I want to create a checklist (checked or unchecked) list with the text in a database that stores various data not just locally so that I can later make reports with this collected data installed on my cell phone.

Hello Karoline

I suggest you draw a diagram of what you want to achieve.

Validation of the App or validation of data with the App?

Karoline, if your intention is to have count of checked/unchecked checked box, you can adapt this accordingly,

  1. Data Validation
  2. User Validation
  3. and

Validation is function or a rule-set to verify user/data, but here, in your case where/what is rule book, which you would be refring to validate your appication.

Second requirement, what I can sense is, you want to store, intermidiate data your application produce during its use. It's is kind of log file.

This is what I want to do:

I want to store data of my list anywhere and can be possible to get the data.

This sounds like caching a local copy of the online database and generating reports off the local copy.

Your requirement sounds like a use case for time based data storage, for example employee time sheets or student attendance, organized by date at its higher levels.

Synchronizing such a data set is easiest. Just keep track of the last date/time you synchronized, and request from the central data base the fresher data branches (if a tag/value structure.)

Good morning!

Please, could you demonstrate what you explained to me with some example that would be to be accomplished? It would help me a lot :grinning:

I do not have a specific example in stock for this data schema.

If you point me to a specific use case, I could start one.

  • time sheets for employees
  • attendance records for students
  • sports competitions scores
  • ...

Records for checklist of tasks user

This video below show better what I want register:

I don't see in your video anywhere where the data and time are recorded, or how they would help in this type of application, unless you are either keeping a maintenance log or recording work done for a customer.