Store and retrieve Data from the fire base

I'm making a pedometer app for my family and I want it to record the distance and the steps (which I already done) and then send the data to the firebase. Next I want the data to be displayed in a form of a leader board. There is a text box for your name so when I put something there I want it to show (name) and then steps: and distance: . It is possible by using dynamic components to just create a new arrangement and labels and other stuff for each one in the firebase, the problem is that my experience with this sort of stuff is not that good especially the list thing. Can somebody please look at the code (it's on max right) and edit it in a way it would actually work, Thanks.

App file: Family_Pedometer.aia (515.3 KB)

This is how the firebase looks:image
(It did broke a bit while testing, it should just be FB_Add_Users then Family_Pedometer then Users and then User 0 which has steps and distance and it should create a new profile like that but with a different name not user0)

Didn't we already cover all of this here:

This one is a bit different tho