Start with Blocks

Is there any block. Start with and end with?

Please reply soon.

No, but it's an easy procedure to code.

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Can you tell code?


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@ABG Can you tell code in detail?
Please... :slight_smile:
Where I have to put start text and end text. So, it is easy for me to understand.

@ABG Reply Please.


test-starts_with starts_with


@ABG It is showing this error.

component_method (2)

component_method (3)

Yes, there is an easy way to do it :
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@Kumaraswamy But how to make this block without extension.

Then you should consider this as the answer

Also, the extension is very small.

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I done this. But how to make ends with block?

@Kumaraswamy I try this. But it is showing error.

Can you show how you're using it?

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Maybe give me an example of what exactly do you want to achieve? Do you want to be able to cut text? Start Value and End Value? Eg start = 2, end = 5, text = appinventor, and then result = ppin? Is that the point?

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There is one word 'Welcome'. When user click on button if text of textbox start with 'W' and end with 'e'. Then navigate to new screen.

@Patryk_F I hope you understand.
Please help me soon...

This is it?

start (1).aia (2.3 KB)

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