Sqlite for multiple users app


I am a beginner, wrote an app for multiple users that can make changes to a simple table
and after that all users can see the changes or updated table. i used sqlite db. my question is - is possible to read my file (sqlite db) from website (anything) to my app in running time, make changes and rewrite it as file back to my website.Well it didn't work for me.i used Taifun sqlite extention, with the ImportDatabase command. the app does work when i upload the sqlite file in the Media drawer in the Designer. i get the table and read from it. When i try import it in running time it doesn't work.
Maybe i got it all wrong... please enlight me.


Does this help?

the sqlite database generally is a local database

what you need is a server database...
see @TIMAI2's suggestion about how to use sqlite as server database, however my extension will not work together with that

alternatively use MySQL on your own web server, see also App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: MySQL | Pura Vida Apps


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