SQL queries with TinyDB in AppInventor?

From what I understand, we cannot use SQL in AppInventor with TinyDB, right?
So are there any examples for doing it in the 'AppInventor way'?
For example, say we want to make a join between two columns of two tables (or maybe I should say 'tags'??).
If you have a link to such examples (or if you can upload any) they 're welcome.

Or maybe I should move to SQLIte? I just found that there is an extension for it!
(no it is not for free, so I 'll stick to TinyDB)

This is because TinyDB is not an SQL datastore but a key-value datastore (at least on Android--on iOS it is implemented on top of sqlite). If you need features of SQL then you will likely want to investigate other solutions.

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What other options do I have? If they 're for free they 'd be perfect.
(for now I avoid SQLite as the extension is not for free)

For small data volumes you can use lists of lists (tables) and procedures:

select_where_equijoin.aia (12.8 KB)


group_sum.aia (7.6 KB)


I tested your first project but it only displays an empty screen...something 's wrong.

It's a package of procedures.

Here's a sample app with doc ...

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There are a couple of other SQLite extensions that are free

Is there any link for these?

See here

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I tried to run them but I get 2 errors:

Didn't manage to find the 'makeroid listview image text' component.

Yes provided aia in this topic were created with Kodular that has different componets (problem was caused by List View with image that doesn't exist in app inventor) but you can see the provided code. Also try this modified aia for mit app inventor

SQLite_Bennedum_mit.aia (76.4 KB)

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