HOWTO: Use sqlite3 with @Juan_Antonio's Terminal Extension

NOTE: The file access restrictions put in place on the latest android version (10/11/+) may prevent this from working, because the linux sub system is not given any file access permissions, from the testing I have done.

Many thanks to @Juan_Antonio for the Terminal extension, without which this would not be possible.

Provides for the use of the sqlite program in most android devices. This is a simple demo of the functionality (hopefully soon a more fully featured version)

terminal sqlite3


I really like what you come up with all the time. :grin: :+1:

There should be a standard component to run shell commands.

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Problem is different manufacturers provide different sets of programs, none of my devices have curl, and my HTC 10 didn't have sqlite listed, although it may be buried somewhere!

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That's very powerful.

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(added to FAQ)

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