Spinner after selection block not working

Hi, I am not sure why the "after selection" block for the spinner is not working. Please advise.

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The After Selecting Block is for a different Drop Down Component?

Are you trying to select the first item, 10 ?

If so the afterSelecting event does not fire, because 10 is already selected. To overcome this see here:

Also you should test your selection with a label, rather than trying to go to another screen

And you cannot get an afterSelecting response from the spinner when it is not visible, it has to be visible. make it 1x1 pixels, but it has to be visible.

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remove the openscreen block and change another block to check if it works.

One way to avoid the problem of the first selectable value not triggering 'after Selecting' is to make it the second value, like so:

CoerceSpinnerSelection.aia (1.7 KB)

Thanks! That really helped.
(I didn't make the spinner visible)

And is there a way to close this topic? im new :sweat_smile:

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Noted with thanks

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