Speech Recognizer Size

The speech recognizer works as expected, but I was curious if there is a way to change the size.

When the call to speak comes on the phone it takes up over half the screen and I would like to have other things going on at the same time the speech recognizer is called, but there is no way to see them due to the size of the call screen.

is there a way just to have a small microphone come up? I have seen that is some other apps.

Thanks for your help

It appears you are setting the SpeechRecognizer to Legacy. In it's properties, uncheck that and try the tutorial

You might be happier with the approach demonstrated.

There are two versions of the native SpeechRecognizer. If you use Legacy, you use the original MIT version that displays prompts; if you un-check Legacy you do not get those prompts. The SpeechRecognizer itself will not take up any screen space (other than a Button you might use). Yes, you can provide a small image of a microphone if you like.

Does this help Jack?


Great it works

Try this extension:

Here you can hide the Google dialogue

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