Source of player component?

Good day!!!
Good luck to all of you power users.
I need a help once again.
The 21-6.mp3 is in SampleText/sentence/ of my (internal) SD card.
Player can’t available the mp3 source file.
Error massage is “701: Unable to load / Sample~~”
What’s wrong?

You have to give more information then this. What are you trying to do and what does not work?


Why are you opening a new thread for this?

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Your blocks are setting the source as:

If you want to play 21-6.mp3 then set you blocks to:

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Thank you all, Anke, TimAI2 and Peter.
It has settled.
I’d like to one more.
What does it “/storage/emulated/0/” mean?

See here:!searchin/mitappinventortest/is$20the$20root$20directory|sort:date/mitappinventortest/lRv4pzvr7fk/QKW4vkcmCAAJ

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And as I already said in the other thread Source for Player, try this:

playerSource.aia (136.0 KB)

Does it work for you or not?

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“internal” means inside the app, “external” means outside the app?

see here:

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I would also like to answer "Aha" if you would answer my last question:

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Working well.
Thanks a lot.

2nd aha!!!
That is a seperated partition concept.

And now it’s my turn: :wink:

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