Sound.Vibrate does not work depending by the phone setup

Hi guys, I am just trying to use the sound component to activate the vibration motor of my phone but it did not work at all. It normally vibrates at any incoming calls so I investigated a little bit in the settings and I found that I can set/abort vibration in many cases and there is an option (vibration on touch) that has to be enabled otherwise sound.vibrate does not vibrate the phone... well, I did not change this setup since I buyed my phone so... is there a way to prevento the problem? In my aia I ask the permission to vibrate also.
TestSoundVibration.aia (12.2 KB)

What version of Android do you use?
It works on Android 9.

It works also on my phone if I enable an option in the Settings (called vibration on touch). But it was disabled by default and I was not aware of it, I just checked the vibration was enabled and the phone vibrates at every phone call and message notification from some sources. So the problem is to understand if this option is enabled or not and eventually if there is a way to check it and say to the user to enable it or enable by code.