Dragging Sound not working

I've been trying to get sound, (and particularly vibrate), implemented into an already working app.
The easiest way to do it was to learn from Hello Purr but dragging the sound icon into the viewer dosn't embed a sound in non visible components. I guessed something else I'd done in the app was causing it, so I started Hello Kitty from scratch, but it doesn't even work in that.

One possible issue is that I'm on Windows 11.


can you share your aia to test the bug?

I haven't even really got that far.
I'm on step 4 of Hello Purr, and when I try to do #1, drag the sound into the viewer pane, it drags but doesn't embed.

export your aia as you have it now and share it here, please

Purr.aia (4.7 KB)

It works for me...I can drag the sound component. Maybe you need to restart your browser/computer....

The modified project with sound component. Import it and let's see what happen.
Purr_sound.aia (4.8 KB)

Weel, it seems to work.
The sound1 is embedded, and when I set up the Blocks area, it works.

Mystified why it doesn't drag sound for me, and also it doesn't vibrate.

And of course the sound file won't go in the backpack, so I can't copy it.

Purr_sound (1).aia (8.3 KB)

The sound file is in the media files..this is what I see with your last aia:

Anyway, have you tried to restart your browser (close and reopen) or, even, your computer/device?

Sorry, yes, the sound file is in the media files.
That's been working all along.

The issue is that I can't embed a sound element from the media area into the viewer area.

Sorted the not vibrating, answer is here:

I updated Chrome yesterday, and rebooted, but I'll do it now and see what happens.
Thanks for all the help, guy

OK. I'm an idiot.
Dropping the sound onto the device in the viewer ON THE DEVICE works, but just dropping it onto a blank space within the viewer doesn't.

Thanks for the help, Ramon.

Muchas Gracias

:laughing: I'm glad everything is working properly again.....these things happen...

This doesn't make any sense ?

Hmm. OK.
In the viewer pane there's a graphic of a device - in my case a 'phone.
It's surrounded by blank space, still in the viewer pane.

If I drag and drop the Sound icon from Media into the viewer pane in a blank area around the edge, (which Hello Purr says should work), it doesn't import the sound to the app.

If, however, I drag and drop the Sound icon from Media ONTO THE 'PHONE GRAPHIC ITSELF, it works fine.

yes, that's the normal behavior...you must drag the components on the phone picture (or below it, in the non-visible components zone)

Yup. That's what I meant by being an idiot.
Thanks again.

That makes sense now.