Song request app

hi mit i'm wondering how can i make an app that does this

When someone scans your QR code they will be taken to you requests URL. Here they will see your business logo, the current song request queue, any ads you have created and your socials if you have opted to show them.

something like this
and basically i would like to have a catagory of songs for people to search as well?

Hi Hottunez Radio

  1. Show us what you have tried
  2. Is this homework?
  3. How do you propose to obtain licenses to legally use the requested songs?

omg i posted that may last year, and you've just replied

Erm no, your post was in May 2023 and so was my response :upside_down_face:

ok scrap that, as this post was last year,
could you please answer this for me MediaNotification

i'm trying to set it up so the notification shows on phones