Sorry For All The Topics
"BUT" i'm having problems with the media notifier
i'm testing the app using AI i pressed play exited out of the app
but can't see the player in notifications? wonder if anyone could help

ScreenShot Of what's been done

here's the AIA

FLORIDA88.aia (1.2 MB)

now i'm keeping the playpause button, but when i press the playpause button and exit the testing app i'd like to see the player appear, just like when people play there mp3players on there phone?

Not something I have seen occur. If exiting any App, the User would normally be returned to the Android Screen that launched it.

To make the default Android Media Player appear might be possible via the Activity Starter, but I think that might be tricky because the Player has been changed across Android Versions. You could of course make your own player and launch that......

Concerning you MediaNotification1 ButtonClicked event - don't leave the blocks empty, you can do this:

Thank you so much

Could you check all blocks are rite please

Sorry, we don't have the man power to provide such a service!