Some tips to improve a small app!

I've almost finished, (thanks to your help!) a little app that contains three screens. Everything seems to work, but when I click on the btnEnd to which the 'close application' procedure is associated, it doesn't exit the application but reopens some of the screens if they were previously open. Furthermore, the 'back' button on the phone also performs the same event and if you press it several times, all the screens opened before are continuously recalled. Can someone help me?

This seems to be a problem caused by screens not closing/opening properly. There may be multiple instances of the same screen open in the app's memory. We need to see your screen open/close blocks. Or put aia project here.

See here for an aia project example, that demonstrates one way to switch screens

Thanks to all for the support, in the example proposed by TIMAI, I was able to better understand how to manage the opening and closing of the screens, and what I realized is that I have always called the procedures in a different way, i.e. opening one screen after another but never closing the previous one. Now I'm going to test using the example I downloaded and which I'm sure will help me a lot! Thanks again everyone

See also here:

Thank you so much, Anke, I'm already trying these suggestions and code examples you gave me. Thanks again!

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