Some feedback about App Inventor, Kodular, extensions, etc

Most developers work on other platforms such as Kodular. A lot of examples (aia) are from other platforms and when I try to open them in the app inventor I have an error. A lot of extensions won’t work in the app inventor because they are not compatible. Other platforms have a lot of different extensions implemented. AppInventor added “Serial” which no one can use: D, and could instead give something more useful or expand / replace implemented functions. There are no menu options, bookmarks, clickable labels and much more.

I don't think so, but you probably have some numbers of users or created apps etc. to compare?

that is correct, just import the extension you are interested into MIT App Inventor and use it there

most of the extensions are compatible, my guess is 99%

really? are you sure? the code of the component was provided by the Kodular developers...

feel free to use Kodular, you also will find me in both communities... :wink:

Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by Taifun.


Yes, most additional apps in App Inventor are not supported. If you have a better plan, introduce it

what exactly are you talking about? please elaborate...

I think you mean the problem of opening sample applications that were made in Kodular. The problem occurs mainly when there are color blocks from Kodular or built-in components that are not in the inventor app. Then the project is not loaded into app inventor, or there are no blocks after loading. This issue is now fixed and the fix will be implemented in the next version of the app inventor.

Builders are much to different these days to think you can just swap aia-files. If you succeed it isn't a guarantee that it will work. Going from AI to another builder most of the time will work but going back will cause problems.

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Exactly. Despite fixing a few problems now, new ones may arise over time, e.g. when Kodular changes something.
There is also the question of extensions. AppInventor already uses newer android x libraries. Therefore older Kodular extensions may no longer work in AppInventor. There is no way around this problem, Kodular should also switch to android x libraries and extension developers should update their extensions.

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Also when importing AIA from other builder if they contain non-existing components or blocks, then there should be an option to remove it.

Most of the extension developers have already overcome this issue by using different versions of extension template.

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