Some codes that I would like to add (a pop up Menu) to the Inventor

Hello everyone, there are some codes that I would like to add to the Inventor, but I could not find them. Can you help me in finding these codes?

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I understand that you are trying to create an ai2 app made in Kodular?
Ai2 does not have a Menu component. You must use some kind of extension to create the menu.

To create a TitleBar, add a horizontal arrangement to the top of the screen. You can add an image to it to display an icon, Label to display the name of the app, and a button to open the menu with it.

You can create a menu with this extension:

See also this:

You can also use the Popup extension used by DevYB in Kodular.

Since it is so popular, I don't think I need to post the link here.

Not helpful really...:wink: