Some basics on Android storage system

And I did:

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I removed the overview because @Taifun felt it would confuse rather than clarify.
And I also had my doubts as to whether it was really helpful.

There is no way to write to a removable (micro) SD card with AI2 (also not on Android < 4.4 / KitKat with any Scope). There is also no way AFAIK to read from it with any Scope. You must use one of the File extensions from @Taifun or @vknow360 to get the path to a MicroSDcard.

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no problem. it was just to illustrate what i said

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The Total Commander File Explorer app now provides access to the ASD files folder for installed apps on Android 13. This is only recently updated to do so.

Ok, didn't this work before on Android 13?

No, it didn't. TC has just updated to allow this.

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