[SOLVED] Extension Suggestion: Hide System Keyboard

or this:


I have developed a simple extension that should perform the expected behavior. Can you please confirm weather it works?
This is a test project:
hidesystemkeyboard.aia (1.8 MB)


This works as expected @MohamedTamer :slight_smile: Well done.
( a couple of typos in the blocks - Sytem instead of System)

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Can you provide an AIX download link so that I can test?

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Thanks for spotting this! I have now fixed these typos and updated the blocks description.
io.mohamed.hidesystemkeyboard.aix (1.8 MB)
Source Code:


Wait…doesn’t the ReadOnly property of the TextBox disable showing the keyboard?

A quick fix to reduce the extension's size.
Updated extension:
io.mohamed.hidesystemkeyboard.aix (4.2 KB)
Thanks @TIMAI2

Yes, It would indeed. But it would also disable the ability to use the cursor and select the text, etc.. ( without showing the keyboard ).


@MohamedTamer Can you please tell us what method you have used

You can look to the source.

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@Taifun You can add this extension to the extension directory In Pura Vida Apps

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@MohamedTamer you are changing the input type of the TextBox in this source code I think it will not work properly when the TextBox is accepting only number I mean NumberOnly TextBox.


An issue is there, when I click the textbox it still shows up the keyboard :frowning:

with @mohamed_tamer's extension :frowning:

What shouldn't work properly. For me it works as expected (Android 12).

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Works OK for me too if NumbersOnly is checked. However, without intervention a user can then input numbers and letters, because the numbersOnly checkbox sets the soft keyboard to display, not a restriction on what can actually be entered. The developer would need to include a content check (isNumber?) before each character is entered from their custom keyboard, if only numbers are wanted.

Show your relevant blocks, and method for disabling keyboard.

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I think GotFocus is the click event I guess

Why don't you disable the keyboard when the screen initializes?


then will it work when i also click the textbox?

i also disabled it when screen initializes

Why do you need to set a clock?

that is one of my attempts for the textbox