[SOLVED] Extension Suggestion: Hide System Keyboard

The regular 'call TextBox HideKeyboard' allows the system keyboard to pop-up again if the Text Box text is tapped and selected for editing. If the App has it's own bespoke Keyboard, the system keyboard needs to be hidden until the App code allows it to again be triggered by event.

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@ChrisWard I checked the code of the current version of TextBox.HideKeyboard and I got the idea of what we need to change if any beginner extension developers are not able to do this then I will do it by tonight.

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@AyProductions are you interested in it?

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I was interested. But I am not good at making extensions :frowning_face:. But I'll sure try :wink:

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I tried but it doesn't work. So I cannot develop it today.

I wrote the code but only compilation need so once I will go to home I will publish it.


and this will hide the keyboard until the user/code asks for the keyboard to be available again ?

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yes @TIMAI2 thats what the topic says

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May I can try once creating this extension?@preetvadaliya

I have found these two


Is anyone is correct? @preetvadaliya

No it just anable and disable the view we need to control input method.

You can try the existing code of HideKeyboard block check main app inventor source for that.

In the code there is one flag for different different types of disable option like

Force fully etc..

So we just need to handle it using flag, flags are defined in InputMethodManager class of android.


Hi still I have not received at home I am attaching source code of extension please compile it and published it.

KeyboardHandler.txt (4.0 KB)

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@TIMAI2 sir can you please compile it for me, it would be great help for me.

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I will need to convert to RUSH compiler...

Here, I compiled it for you: KeyboardHandler.aix (7.3 KB)

@AyProductions thank you man.

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You're welcome!

I am not a man though, as my age is 10 :wink:


Job done then :).....

Hmmm, just tested in companion, on Android 12, I tried every flag, but the keyboard appears for each one :frowning:

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I don't know about that as I did not modify or read @preetvadaliya's code :neutral_face: