Solve The Error 1004

How to solve the error 1004?

can you elaborate a bit?
when does this error occur?
what is the error text?
also a screenshot of your relevant blocks could help us to help you...
see also


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This error occur when I select Horizontal Line, Circle, Diamond, Hexagon, Heptagon, Octagon. The error text is "Canvas cannot draw the shape with a bad point list".

Screenshot (47)

Please anybody help me in this error


You are building your point list wrong.

It is supposed to be two dimensional, not one-dimensional like you did.
For each pair of coordinates (X,Y), make a new sublist of (X,Y) and add that list to your points list as a single item.

I can't get your point. Can give me more explanation.

this means, use the make a list block, add your x and y coordinates as items and then add this list as one item in the main list


I have done that but now also it is showing the same error. Now what I have to do to remove the error?

there is a general misunderstanding of lists and lists of lists...
now you are creating a list...
you have to create a main list, which consists of sublists of x,y coordinates...

EDIT: here is an example of a list of lists


I am confused that which block I have to choose for Main List.

this is a create empty list block in the beginning...
to add a sublist into the main list, use an add item in list block together with your sublist
the sublist itself can be a make a list block together with two items, the x and y coordinate


Thank you so much for your help and time.
Now it is working properly.

Here is a sample app to play with point lists:

Capture pointList.aia (6.3 KB)

Thank you for your precious time.

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