SMS Recieve, link not recognized V:V,2021-07-24 19:27:31 S:000km/h,Bat:6ACC:off ,4210720069,S21G00;p:51502, l:25410, c:41480


You need to explain what you are trying to do. Are you trying to send a link to that Google Maps link? The link has a lot of characters.

SMS often cannot send messages that are longer than 170 characters. Texts cannot be longer than about 170 characters. Please read Texting


The message that will be sent when the SendMessage method is called. The maximum length of a standard SMS message is usually 170. It may be less for languages using diacritical marks.

This might be your problem.

i am making an app that opens link when i receieved a link from the gps tracker

It appears your post does not have anything to do with SMS. You certainly need to share more information about your failing app. Share your Blocks please and explain how you are linking to your gps tracker device and someone might be able to provide some advice.

the Locate button send sms to the GPS tracker, then the GPS tracker replies with the link as shown in the screen shot. I need help how to prarse the link so that the Webviewer will automatically show the Location of the link receive as SMS

Try just removing http://:gps_tracker from the beginning of your url

how to do that sir? this is the blocks. thank you for your time

Given you appear to be setting this as your url to the webviewer:


Use a replace text block to remove the http://%28gps_tracker before calling the url.

The webviewer may still have issues with handling the google maps url.

(not of interest, the target location is @ 20 minutes from where I am at the moment :wink: )

thank you for the help sir Kabayan :slight_smile: but can you pleaze show me how to do that. Very kuch appreciated!

You are already using that block twice to build your url ! Use it again :wink:

what about the texts following the url sir? does it cause a problem to the link. i am having a hard time making the SMS link to work

The link you posted in your first post works in my browser (Chromebook) so you need to make whatever your message is look like that

how to do that sir? please teach me how and can you make me an example sir. thank you so much

Please provide the complete message received, in text V:V,2021-07-24 19:27:31 S:000km/h,Bat:6ACC:off ,4210720069,S21G00;p:51502, l:25410, c:41480

Then that is what you should put as your url

that is the msg recieved but the webviewer doest seem to recognize it

Try linking only Google Maps or perhaps Google Maps . Both work in a browser.

how to do that sir?

Works fine for me