SMS receive, check if is it a URL

Hello, i would apreciated if someone help me. I am super new to Mit App Invertor. I create an app that I send a SMS to a define number and then reveice a sms from this number. The receive sms is a text with a link, but i cant select the link because it is as a txt format.
Is there any solution about that? The receive sms can be more editable (see the url,copy-paste sms) ? Thanks a lot for your time.!


to extract the link you might want to parse the string you are receiving...
How to parse a result


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This extension activates links, but only works for labels.

You can find copy functions in this extension:

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Can you post here an exact example of the text message received?

Your URL had a blank before it in your sample message.

So set a variable to split(SMS text, ' ')
for each item in variable
  if item starts with 'http' then
    set webviewer URl to item
    go to WebViewer URL

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Thank you so much for your time.That is the answer.

...but I can't read it because of the colours :upside_down_face:

.... it's OK, I grayscaled it to make the text clear.

So, here is ABG's solution, works very well. For your real-world text replace Example_messageText with messageText.

GetUrl.aia (3.6 KB)

My friend thank you very much for your time. I really appreciate it. I am running your useful code, but I did not receive any message.
I also try to change "get global Example_messageText" to "get message text" but nothing happens either. I'm very sorry, but I'm new to this. I would appreciate your help again. Thank you again for your time.

Here we go:

I did that but i don't receive any message. :confused:

Right - that's a separate issue.

  1. What are you texting to - a person with a phone or a microcontroller?
  2. Did you successfully receive messages before?
  3. Something changed in the code?
  4. Is the Send Message code working?
  5. How are you testing the App? (Needs to be an APK).
  6. A permissions issue?

Is Receiving enabled?


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  1. This time to a person
  2. Yes, with this code (i send you a screenshot)
  3. I didnt change anything from your code
  4. Yes
  5. I download the app to my phone and send sms. Then the phone number that i was include to the code send me an answer
  6. I accept them all to my phone.

Thanks again for your time,really.

..........Any luck? :thinking:

I forgot to check the RecaivingEnabled "always". Now i have a received masage but again i cant select the link to open... Should i change something to the WebViewer?

Thank you so much for the patience!

You don't have to select a link, It opens automatically :muscle:

The WebViewer Properties:

Again nothing :confused: . Is this code works to you? Should i change something to 'ListView1"?
Thank you so much again :slight_smile:

You did set Receiving Enabled to Always?

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In the List Vew Palette, set the Text colour - it could otherwise be anything.

So to recap, the other phone definitely receives your App's SMS, but the App is not receiving SMS back?