Slideshow, editable sheet wich contains external URL'S to images

I am creating an app for my girlfriend and im done trying to figure out. I also tried alot of methods but, is it possible to create and editable sheet wich contains external URL'S to images and show this within app inventor in somekind of slideshow using canvas?

I know you can make a slideshow using canvas using different "join" method. But when there is a new image i want to place the URL of the image in the sheet so it will automatic sync with the app.

I hope you can give me an answer or a show to the right path.


See here:

Not exactly what you want but might get you going on your project.

Try searching the forum for "slideshow" for more ideas....

see here:

Thanks alot, this might kind of help me with my situation.

I feel im pretty close but not really from what i really want,
now its picking random images but i want it to ascend from 1 to lets say 50. and start looping when it hits the last image.
Any ideas for this?

set clock timer enabled to false in the designer and set it to true in the Web.GotText event

remove the random integer block and replace it by a new global variable, let's call it counter
increment that global variable inside the Clock.Timer event and add an if statement like this

if global counter > length of list global data
then global counter = 1

and please do not add my name in posts, else others think, you are accepting answers only from me...there are a lot of people here in this community who are able to help... thank you


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thanks for the help, this worked out for me.

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