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Hi I wonder is there a tutorial on how to make a slideshow photo gallery using URL’s instead of uploading images as I want to keep the app size small Many thanks

You can assign urls to image/other components in the same way as a local file.

HERE is one way of making a slideshow, there are many others.

This depends on what you mean by a slideshow photo gallery David.

Here is a simple example that will accept http urls
and display them in an image component.

Make a List of images links (where the links are http…)
Use a Clock (instead of a Button) to display the images (set the TimerInterval to 20000 ms (20 seconds)) and you got a slide show.

You can display https url’s using the WebViewer similar to as shown in this tutorial Map Tour


No issues with using https images in the image component here…

Much obliged Steve I will give it a go Appreciate your help Regards

Many thanks for the reply

evidently some https won’t display … try,_Corte_Madera.jpg linked in an Image

Hi Thanks for the reply however this example shows the pics uploaded to app

Not a proper link that…

Try this:

Sorry I don't understand its just a picture of a bird

served up on https !

This should work David

URL_Slideshow2.aia (5.2 KB) (this is updated to provide code to never repeat the same image two times or more in a row)

Does it work @David_Palmer ?

This slideshow example works on an Android device for both http and https Urls. Urls prefixed with https do not render an image when using the basic Google Android simulator provided by MIT in the aiStarter package.

Hi Steve
That is fantastic really appreciate your help very kind of you to help Regards David

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