Size limit of an app developed using AI2 and multimedia files

Hi guys, the VideoPlayer help reports that in AI2 a video should be shorter then 1MB and the app plus any media can not be larger than 5MB. I suppose these are limits installig the media, so also the video, all together the app compressed in the apk. Instead, firstly I download and install the app, then the app itself downloads a zip file containing a DB and some media files (images, audio and video). In this case I am sure they are not computed in the 5MB of the app size limit but is it still true that the video can not be larger than 1MB?

Did you try loading a video larger than 1mb ?

Not yet, I will do soon, probably this night or tomorrow morning. I have to support also videos and then I will write down their limits and in the mean time I am collecting some video samples of different size to test. Honestly I think and I hope the VideoPlayer will play longer videos and that the docs is referred to videos installed with the app and so put on the Media in the Designer. At the moment I completed the support of the Text To Speech function that took more time then expected, not for complexity but because the words have to be written with the right accented variants to obtain a nice pronunce, commas and punctuation have to be placed with attention and also pitch and speed of the voice change in the various languages.

  1. It is no problem to upload a video up to 5MB in size to assets and play it from there.

  2. It is no problem to import a video up to 27MB via 7-Zip / WinRAR into the assets (of an aia, 30MB limit), then import this aia into AI2 and then play the video there (Companion & APK).

  3. There is no problem to import a video up to 97MB (for an APK) and 147MB (for an AAB, Play Store limits) into the assets and then play it with the compiled app after recompiling/signing. (See here: How to build a big app → APK max. 100 MB or → AAB 150 MB)

I've already pointed this out a number of times over the past few years.

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Thanks perfect.

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