Simple chat app that can user send and replay on missed messages

I want simple chat app I want help when user open chat. list appear for missed message

Here are all the discussions in the community with regard to building chat applications.

Search the list for something appropriate and then try something based on the advice provided Elham.

What have you tried?

I want make an medical app like chat app between patient and doctor, I have a problem when doctor open page show of missed messages and calls appears to him that patient sent. show his status The doctor can also be online or offline .I Can't make this code? how i code it ?

You have to code your own app Elham. Here is an example of a chat app you can modify to your requirements

How to: A Family Chat app built with the MIT CloudDB component

Download the aia and try the basic app or download the simplified aia. The example shows what is possible using App Inventor and a CloudDB or a FirebaseDB. How is the app you want to build different from the examples?

To test the app, you have to compile the app and load the apk on to two phones to ensure they are communicating.

You did not answer the question above. No one can provide meaningful advice unless you communicate. No one will build your app for you. Learn to code. Try some things. When you have a specific problem, post your code Blocks here and someone might be able to provide specific advice.

You have to use some kind of online database. Eg google sheet. Messages are sent to and read from the sheet.