SimonSays - colour/sound memory game


I have been meaning to have a go at this game logic for many years, but never got around to it until now. Based upon the well known Simon game from yesteryear. I created the sound tones using the Generate feature in Audacity. When the device is playing the background is blue, when the background is green it is the player's turn. There is no timer on the player's turn.

I find the game both fun and infuriating, my ageing mind can't really get past @ 12 steps !




SIMONSAYS.aia (17.5 KB)

Extension Free AIA

SIMONSAYS2.aia (11.0 KB)

Credits @Gordon_Lu for the Beautify extension (only used to make rounded corners on the outer vertical arrangement)

I was mostly interested in the logic behind the game which I worked up from scratch, without research. There is plenty of room for improvement: develop the user interface to look more like the actual game, add a counter, add a user/player facility for multiple players, etc.


yes you're right it's really hard :stuck_out_tongue:

Record 17 with 9 mode!