Simon Says / Memory Game Clock Runtime

Hello all!

I am following this tutorial: Simon App
In the description, there is a Google doc with step-by-step instructions.

Through my debugging, the only block I found a problem with was the ClockOn block.

The error appears a few seconds after I start the app on my phone. My game works unless two of the same color are in the pattern in a row.

Your ClockOn.Timer event fails to check the length of list of GeneratedList before diving into a select item from it.

WHat should be done if the list is empty?

Is that Clock Timer being fired prematurely, perhaps left enabled in the Designer?

Or did you miss some part of that tutorial where they cover start or end of a sequence?

There is always this one: :wink:

After changing the designer option, I realized that I did not test the timeron and timeroff while they were both disabled. You are a lifesaver! Thank you!

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