Sign In Without Firebase

I am curious to know if it is feasible to create a secure sign-in and login page without depending on Firebase as the authentication service.

hi @Laffy, there's another way to create a secure sign-in and login, check these out :point_down:

METRIC RAT AI2 - Google Sheets - Register & Login

Login/Register System for CloudDB - Alpha2020

FAQ Section: Login

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What is the issue with Firebase? You ask several questions about how to do things without firebase?

In general, if you need an online db with AI2, use cloudDB.

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I have reached my Firebase project quota with all my different accounts.

I am developing a finance app that ensures user privacy through a login page. How can I guide the user to their financial page without accessing someone else's financial information?

Not really possible to make a serious app using App Inventor if you need to 'ensure' privacy.

Depends on where you store the information. It could be to store all an individual's information under a unique Tag if using CloudDB or FirebaseDB (giving anyone who has the app the opportunity to hack another's information depending on the security you set up regarding the Tag name using encryption or whatever; store the data on your secure server or whatever.

You really do not want to build an app like this :cry: This is a job for someone who doesn't need to get answers to the questions you asked because he or she 'knows'.

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There is always mySQL via php...

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