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Okay. The problem is you're not mentioning the full path of the icon, so it produces the error. Give me some time...

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Hi, now I tried using the icon as null. So I got this error-

Is the icon null or the value? Can you post the blocks again?

blocks (7)

Any idea? :thinking:

That should not happen. Can you try if the posted AIA works? Make sure there is no space in the value.

Your aia works.

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The problem is that if you donot select the icon then it will give you that error
-In my app and in your aia it happens

In case the icon value is empty, the app icon will be set. I had tested it on Kodular and App Inventor, it works correctly.

So why does that not work in my app. :sweat_smile:

I dont know. Maybe you're doing something wrong. Can you post the apk or aia (if possible).

QRCodeScannerVersion1_0_0.aia (180.5 KB)

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I have done no changes, it works perfectly.

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Did you change anything. I dosent work for me. :sweat_smile: :thinking:

What is your mobile's android version @Alpha2020

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Android Version: 8.1.1
Phone: Redmi Go

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Can you post the apk so others can test?

When I compile the APK I don't get the error, but :thinking:

But what? :slightly_smiling_face: