Shortcut Tool: Make some shortcuts!


Version:  1.1
Date: 19 / 01

An extension to create shortcuts which opens an activity like Screen or URL.


Learn how to use the blocks and their purpose:


Raised when shortcut created

shortcutID: Created shortcut's ID


Raised when an error occurred

message: Error message


Raised when removed all shortcuts


Raised when removed shortcut

shortcutID: Removed shortcut ID


CreateShortcut: Block to create a shortcut

action: Scree name / URL
title: Full title of the shortcut
shortTitle: Short title of the shortcut
icon: Icon of the shortcut, if the value is empty, the application icon will be used
shortcutID: Unique id of the shortcut
isApplicationShortcut: Set to true if the shortcut belongs to the application


Exists: Check if shortcut exists

shortcutID: Shortcut to check


RemoveAll: Removes all the shortcuts made


RemoveShortcut: Removes the shortcut using the ID

shortcutID: ID of the shortcut to remove


Returns the list of available shortcuts


Returns the size of shortcuts created


Returns the max icon height and width

Note the points

  1. Extension may not work in the companion

  2. You can make a max of 4 or 5 shortcuts else you get a message "Maximum shortcuts reached"

  3. Thanks to @MohamedTamer for beta testing and suggestions

  4. Extension may not work in old Android devices

  5. Needs minumum API 28 (Oreo)



:arrow_down: Direct download: com.kumaraswamy.shortcuttool.aix

:arrow_heading_down: Google drive: Shortcut Tool

:arrow_down: Download AIA (App inventor): ShortcutTool.aia

Old version


  1. Direct download: com.kumaraswamy.shortcuttool.aix

  2. Google drive: Shortcut Tool

  3. Download AIA file (App Inventor): ShortcutTool.aia

Any suggestions or improvements are appreciated!
Thank you!


@Kumaraswamy Nice extension. It is a handy little tool. Thinking about using it to make some of my apps easier to access. Can the shortcut go anywhere on the devices? I have a new Samsung, so I'm interested in the possibilities.
Any specific reason it might not work in the companion app?
And why the max shortcuts?
And because as you said,

what's the oldest android you've found it works on?
And to @MohamedTamer, thanks for being the tester. Someone has to do it! XD
Keep up the good work!


For more info you should mention the minimum api level.


Awesome extension @Kumaraswamy! :grinning:

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I have tested it on Android 9. According to the Android docs it was added on API 25 (7.1 Android) and it's some methods were added in the later versions.

You could add a screen for the shortcut and urls, you could tell me what else you want :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, I will.

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Great work ! It was a pleasure to test it :grinning:


Cool extension.
I understand that this adds shortcuts to the context menu that appears after a long press on the application icon. Is it possible to make such a shortcut as an icon on the phone's home screen? On the so-called desktop.


Awesome work that you made it! :heart_eyes:

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I think it's a really useful extension, good job @Kumaraswamy :+1: :kissing_heart:

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If you want to support older versions then you should use below extension which does not have similar features but does what you are expecting:

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Yes, but it creates a shortcut in the home page of the phone and not the shortcut when you long-click the app icon.

I think it's because of permissions.

I don't know when I create 5th shortcut, it says that max shortcuts created...

Only 5 shortcuts are allowed by android.

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Yes, and that's why it supports older versions.
Pinned Shortcuts need Oreo.

Really I waited for this extension for huge time,and I decided to make it but more faster u made it thanks a lot :star_struck:

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also a doubt will it work for nova launcher,...other launchers r only default launcher

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Hi @Kumaraswamy, I tried it but when I created the shortcut it is showing this error-

Actually, it was made days ago, but was published late...

You can try it.

Hello, can you please post you're blocks, and that should not have occurred.


blocks (6)
This is the blocks. I made it in Kodular. :grin: