Share Device Screen on WebRTC(via PeerJS) Call?

I recently found a topic about a WebRTC Video Call using PeerJS.
I wanted to know if I can display the user's device screen like screen sharing.
Maybe using the ScreenRecorder extension?

Any help appreciated, Thanks.

Perhaps this will help:

Can this actually work on AI2? Using the EvaluateJavascript function in the CustomWebView component? I don't know a lot about JS or WebRTC.

it looks possible to 'share screen', just change getUserMedia to getDisplayMedia in the javascript.

but this only will share the Webviewer content, not the whole screen. (as of my understanding, not tested)

Change 'getUserMedia' to 'getDisplayMedia' in the peerjs.js file? Thats in the assets?

Yes it is.

Yeah. But as @Kevinkun said so, It only shares the WebViewer Screen.
Is there any way to connect these two extensions? ScreenRecorder and CustomWebView?

CustomWebView provides a WebViewer screen...

Then is there any way to connect the ScreenRecorder's screen to the camera?
I mean make the screen to a camera.

It is possible to stream screen to a server. (No CustomWebView involved)

However I would need a sponser.