Live video streaming without Agora or Kodular?

Are there any extensions or ways to live stream a video in AI2?
Sending or Recieving delays are okay.
Except no extensions outside AI2(like Agora, or WebRTC in Kodular. Or anything paid).
I found one on Kodular but I'm having problems in Signing up and Logging in(504 server error).

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VideoCallWithPeerjs.aia (3.5 MB)
this is an apk file, you need to download and rename to .apk file.
You can check if this is working for you.

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Is there an .aia file for this? I want to know how it works.

have you tested with two real phones? is it working for you? both video and audio.

Yeah. It works flawlessly.
So is there an .aia file for this app?
I would like to implement some parts of it to my app.

here is the aia.
You are free to modify it as you wish.
VideoCallWithPeerjs (1).aia (149.2 KB)

CustomWebview extension used. Thanks for @vknow360 .



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