Share A Message Directly To Number

How can I share a message on a whatsaap directly and also how can I save the number to send direct whatsapp message? I want all I have to do is click a button, then the message is completely sent to the saved numbe of whatsappr.

Use sharing component

I know that but it opens whatsapp and then shows so many numbers in which we can send message. But I want that when I click the button to share the message on whatsapp, then it directly goes to the number that is saved in the application.

you can use tinydb component to save number

Okay but how can I directly send a message to whatsapp by clicking on a button in the application?

you can use taifun method here :

or you can use my extension :

WhatsAppTools Extension [Free & Open Source]

I am confused that which block I have to choose to send file and message together.

you can use this one

How can I check that the user is using whatsaap? If the user is not using the whatsapp then ask the user to download the whatsaap, then if the user allows the permission then the whatsaap automatically download by the user number in the phone. So please help me in this.

In this I have to add the phone number also then how can I do that?

First, you can use activity starter
Second, you can check using error block

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where you want to add phone number

How can I use Activity Starter for this?

Is the application available?

If your app calls other apps as activities, you'll want to check that those other apps are available on your user's phone before trying to start them. You can check this using the Activity Starter method ResolveActivity , which returns the name of the Activity that would be started, given the package or intent information you've provided. If this name is blank, then the required application is not present, and you can warn your user.

I want to add phone number in file block because I want to send a video directly to whatsaap number.

until now I'm still researching it so if I have got the solution I will update my extension with the function you expect

Okay and thank you for your support.

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I want to ask that can I send same message to multiple saved numbers at a same time?

yeah you can, just use this block

How can I send this message to multi saved number? And also when I send a message to a saved number, then it properly goes to saved number but in Text Box not in Chat (means I have to click on Sent to sent in chat) but I want that it goes directly in Chat.