Share A Message Directly To Number

you can't do that with my extension

There is any other extension available for that work.

Have you upgraded your extension?
Please @Salman_Dev reply as soon as possible.

Please reply @Salman_Dev.

I still can't update because my thesis isn't finished yet

Okay but when you finished with your upgradation, then please inform me.

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Could you please be patient instead of spamming this topic.


Hi ,Your have created such very useful extension,, Can i know as you said how to send one message to multiples usears..Not for all whatsapp contact just example 3 numbers,Whre and how i add that 3 numbers in blocks.

Is it possible to not open whatsapp and send it directly?

It might be possible with WhatsApp Business


In my app, i want to send a msg to known person, when a button is clicked.
Just i dont want to open whatsapp for it.

To send and receive messages to and from WhatsApp users, you must use either Cloud API or the On-Premises API .