Shape of picture

this is a button and i used activitystarter , when i click on this button ,gallery will open
and after selecting the image it will be here , all thing right but i want picture shape as the button shape circle , how can i do that

Try this extension


how can i save the photo in firebase even if i exit application
i want to save it in my firebase and in user application

You can also try the Firebase Storage extension.

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Or to help you understand how it should work:

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i put my api , I ran the program and i pick a photo ,
then said " path not found " after picking an image and select it

here in rules "number 8 " it is normal to be red and all thing black

can you share your blocks

i put my api then i run it but " path not found"

uhh please share blocks i said it would help better i am not asking for aia

Try using filetools extension by @vknow360 to get correct path

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where ıs the extensıon fıle (path from uri , content uri)? i didnt find it in link

:point_up_2: :point_up_2:

in this label here i want to appear "username " where screen 2 intialize ,

This is irrelevant with specific topic. But see a simple approach

is it not enough? to appear username ?

No it is not enough. You need to use the tag:

bachar Saadeh/username

to return the value from username

but i dont do this with this name only
see above , i told you i have a label and i want ( if user enter to his account , this label will be have his username even if he exits from application)

Well you have a tag named bachar Saadeh, and under that tag you have a subtag username. You wanted the value for the subtag username (which is also "bachar Saadeh"). if you want to return the value of the subtag username you will have to use the correct path, which in this case means using the parent tag above username, which is bachar Saadeh. We can go round and round in circles with this if you wish :upside_down_face:

Also, looking at your firebase structure you appear to setting the actual password as a subtag and its value as "password". These appear to be around the wrong way. Surely you want your subtag to be password and the value to be the actual password ?

I want to tell you something,
If the user sign up or login to his account, i used authentication in firebase to solve it without right information in firebase
The user while entering his information in sign up form and after clicking submit button, i did to save his information as the photo above,
And if the user sign in, program never will not look to information in firebase because i didn't that, authentication automatically all thing will solve,
In General, after entering the informations in sign up and click submit button to send Data, i did blocks only to safe his information

But i don't know if can i call the username